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WIN MONEY STORE💰 कोई MLM कम्पनी नही है ये Self Earning Game है जहाँ आप अपनी सोच के अनुसार Game खेलते हैं और हर रोज जीतना चाहे कमा सकते है

Joining link👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

Who is the owner of

The owner of is Mr. Naresh Kumar. Their mobile number is 8059947233.

खेलों और जीतो रोज 500, 1000 या 5000 अब आपके फ्री समय का इस्तेमाल कीजिये और घर बैठे रोज कमाओ ऊपर दिये link से Join कीजिये फ्री और Recharge कीजीए अपना Wallet और शुरु कीजिये खेलना बिल्कुल आसान है बच्चे भी खेल सकते हैं इतना आसन Game है हर कोई घर बैठे कमा सकता है

यही नही साथ में है
और भी इन्कम है
1.Self Game Income
2.Direct Referral
3.Team Commission

  1. Daily Interest
  2. Reward

तो Link से Join कीजिये और शुरु कीजिये Earning लाखों कमाओ घर बैठे 🚗🍾🍾🎫🎫🎫🎫💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

How much interest you can earn with

You can check your interest amount on the homepage of the website. The interest is increased from 5/1000 to 8/1000.

If the account balance is higher than 500rs, you will get 0.8% interest every day.

For 10000 rupees in your account, you will get 80 rupees of interest per day.

If you have Rs 100,000 in your account, you will get Rs 800 interest per day.

You can easily get Rs 24,000 per month, if you have Rs 1,000,000 in your account, you will get Rs 8,000 per day, and you will earn Rs 240,000 a month , the more funds, the higher the interest!

This platform is equivalent to a bank, and the interest rate for depositing money is much higher than that of the bank. The most important thing is security. You can withdraw cash anytime. When you withdraw the cash, it will be credited to your account within 24 hours.

पुरे 1 साल से लीडर के विश्वास पर खरा

      💥 Ankra Infotech Pvt Ltd launched 💥

Sponsor ID 👉 9813382433
Sponsor Name👉 Naresh Kumar

Call Or Whatsapp

 धमाल मचा दिया ने

_World’s First Position प्लान, बिना कंडीशन, बिना वर्क करे, सिर्फ 1180rs(INR/BTC/ETH/TRX)

नॉनवर्किंग अनलिमिटेड बिना शर्त
Social Sharing, Zoom Listing

    800rs डायरेक्ट इनकम

इस कॉन्सेप्ट की खास बात ये है कि इसमें वर्किंग और नोन वर्किंग के एक ही टाइप के 10 ब्लॉक होंगे, प्रत्येक ब्लॉक मे 10 पोजिशन होगी जो कि होरिजेंटली क्रम से cross line+upline+downline+self work के वर्क से भरती है यानी हर मेंबर को गारंटेड नॉन वर्किंग इनकम मिलती है
Activation & Withdrawal- INR/BTC/tron
Launch date 15/6/21
Free registration
प्लान को अच्छी तरह समझने के लिए PDF और विडियो को देखना ना भूले

Joining 1180rs With GST

1pan card,1mobile, 1account

Rendom direct Income 800rs
यदि आइडी ग्रीन पोजीसन पर बैठती है तो 800rs, yellow, red पोजीसन पर बैठने पर 500rs डायरेक्ट इनकम मिलेगी

working/non-working income
Total block = 10
Per block positions = 10ids
Every block Recycle limit = No
Every block auto upgrade = Yes

Per Block/ Position color

🟢1️⃣ Comes to self
🔴2️⃣ Goes to 1st upline
🟡3️⃣ Goes to 1st level downline
🟢4️⃣ Comes to self
🟠5️⃣ Goes to 2nd upline
🟡6️⃣ Goes to 1st level downline
🟢7️⃣ Comes to Self
🟢8️⃣ Comes to self
🟢9️⃣ Comes to self
🔴🔟 Goes to 3rd upline & recycle

B – Price – Tot. Inco. – Net saving

  1. 4k. 1200rs

1 cycle income 16Lakh
10cycle income 1.6Crore
100cycle income 16Crore
1000cycle income 160Crore

STARTER = Upto 20 Level = 10rs
LEARNER = Upto 20 Level = 15rs
EXPERT = Upto 20 Level = 20rs
TRAINER = Upto 20 Level = 25rs
STAR = Upto 20 Level = 30rs
SILVER = Upto 20 Level = 35rs
GOLD = Upto 20 Level = 40rs
DIAMOND = Upto 20 Level = 45rs
D. DIAMOND = Upto 20 Level = 50rs
T. DIAMOND = Upto 20 Level = 100rs


Rank. Condition. Amount
Starter. 10 direct. 250rs
Learner. 10 starter. 1,250rs
Expert. 10 learner. 11,250rs
Trainer. 10 expert. 1,11,250rs
Star. 10 trainer. 11,11,250rs
Silver. 10 star. 21,11,250rs
Gold. 10 silver. 51,11,250rs
Diamond. 10 gold. 71,11,250rs
D. Dia. 10 diamo. 1,11,11,250rs
T. Dia. 10 d.diam. 5,11,11,250rs
Total reward income= 7.8 करोड़

Rank. Condition. C.T.O.
Starter. 10 direct. 1%
Learner. 10 starter. 2%
Expert. 10 learner. 3%
Trainer. 10 expert. 4%
Star. 10 trainer. 5%
Silver. 10 star. 6%
Gold. 10 silver. 7%
Diamond. 10 gold. 8%
D. Dia. 10 diamo. 9%
T. Dia. 10 d.diam. 10%


10 level upline team 70% distribution
Direct Downline team distribution 30%

सिर्फ़ 10 डायरेक्ट लगाओ कम्पनी टर्नओवर की 10% रॉयल्टी, 8 करोड़ के रिवॉर्ड और 100rs प्रति मेंबर लेवल इनकम पाओ

सुनो भाई Ankra में बहुत जल्द धमाल होगा!
जल्दी से 10 डायरेक्ट करो नहीं तो मलाल होगा!!

World’s Biggest Life Time Earning Platform ANKRANET Launched.

Join Amount Only 1180rs( INR/BTC/TRX/ETH).


Join With Me World’s First Position Auto Team Building Plan

Sponsor ID 👉 9813382433
Sponsor Name👉 Naresh Kumar

Call Or Whatsapp


👉Minimum withdrawal 400rs
👉Daily IMPS withdraw 10am to 10pm
👉Wallet redeem facility 24hrs
👉Crypto withdrawal facility 24hrs

*———- Customer Care Number

Win Money Store 💰💰

Joining link👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

Joining link👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

अब खेलो Color के साथ और घर बैठे daily 2000 से 10000 कमाओ

साथ में Team बनाओ Refer इनकम भी मिलेगी

साथ मे Interest भी मिलेगा
Commission भी मिलेगा

बहुत कुछ जीतो घर बैठे

लाखो कमाने का मौका
Customer care contact number: 8059947233

Is Winmoney Real or Fake?

The domain is registered on 15th September, 2021. The website was created on 8th November, 2021. The website is an online jewellery store deals in jewellery. You can register your id with and then you will have to buy the jewellery from their website. Along with registration, you will earn interest on your invested money.

The website does not have any contact number or email id. Still we try to collect their customer care number. In case, you are facing any issue, then you can call them.

The website is an e-commerce store. It must have return policy, refund policy, terms and condition page. It must also have about us page. But the website lacks all these pages. This website is less than one year old.

After a thoroughly investigation our vote will go for fake website. You can lose your money if you invest in this type of website. Kindly stay away from website and be safe.