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Nat Habit’s products are rich in grains, grams, nuts, milk, yoghurt and/or fresh herbs & flowers. Each product have necessary nutrients that keep our mind & body healthy. Certified & doctors administrated every package.

Nat Habit Wiki

Nat Habit Nat Habit is an e-commerce website. Swagatika Das and Gaurav Agarwal are the founders of Nat Habit. It deals in beauty products. It was started in the year 2019. The idea behind Nat Habit is to follow good habits in daily life to live a healthy life. They prepare the products everyday in beauty kitchens. All of their products are fresh. Their products are chemical and preservatives free.

Company Name: Nat Habit

Brand Name: Nat Habit


Year of Establishment: 2019

No of Employees: 32

Head Office Address: 458 Udyog Vihar Phase III
Gurugram, Haryana 122015

Board of Directors: Dipanjan Basu, Swagatika Das, Gaurav Agarwal

Nat Habit Founders

Founders: Swagatika Das, Gaurav Agarwal

Swagatika is the co-founder of Nat Habit. She is also the co-founder of STICHIO. She has done MBA from INSEAD.

Gaurav is the Founder of NAT HABIT. He is also the co-founder of ZipGo, TaxiPixiCEO:

CMO: Swagatika Das

Marketing Manager: Ria Gambhir

Email id:

Marketing Head: Swagatika Das

Email id:

Sales Head: Pragya Kardam

Email id:

Customer Care Email id

Nat Habit Reviews

Nat Habit is one of beauty products selling company. For the first time in India, there is any such company which provides such fresh beauty products. As per their claim they create the products daily. They claim that their products are fresh as they prepare them daily. The products are prepared in the same style of Mom’s kitchen or Grandma’s kitchen. The freshness of the product is their speciality. No chemical is used while preparing the products. No preservatives are used to maintain the freshness and long life.

When we examine their products, then we found that every product needs the preservatives. Otherwise the product will be ruined within hours or days. How it can be possible to sell the fresh product in packing. They are selling their products on Amazon and other platforms as well. Practically, it is not possible to have a product like Nat Habit products.

We take an example of Heena. Prepare the Heena with fresh leaves from tree. You make the paste of Heena. You blend Heena leaves in the mixi. Now what do you think how much time it will survive with freshness. Obviously, it will be fresh only for 4-5 hours or 4-5 days if you keep it in fridge. Now imagine, how a product can be fresh in modern packing without cool storage and preservative. Practically, it is not possible. It is obvious that company’s claim of not using the preservative is false.

If we left the above claim, then their products are well and good. We will give 4 stars to their products. Most of the people are satisfied with their products.