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Faircent.com provides a virtual market place where borrowers and lenders can interact directly. There is no involvement of traditional financial intermediaries like banks, who have become such behemoths in today’s time that they dictate all terms and conditions for both borrowers and lenders. Here the contact details of Faircent CEO, CMO, Founders, Marketing Head, Sales … Read more

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ZappFresh is an online brand focusing on fresh meat and ready-to-cook/eat products. Their basic aim is to ensure that all the produce reaching the end consumer is fresh. Here the Contact number, Email id of CEO, Founder ZappFresh Wiki Zappfresh is a fresh meat brand. They ensures healthy meaty goodness to you, without any hassles … Read more

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Curofy is India’s largest social network and knowledge platform for doctors. Curofy helps Doctors to Diagnose better, and Cure faster. Over 480000 doctors are active on Curofy. Curofy Wiiki Curofy is a medical networking app that enables communication between doctors. It is a Haryana based company. Its headquarter is situated in Gurugram. Curofy is a … Read more

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Huddle.com delivers tools for the security and integrity of company’s data. They’ve always worked to the same set of values; a commitment to act with honesty and transparency, to challenge ourselves every day and continuously innovate for the benefit of our clients, and to build an organization where everyone is encouraged to raise new ideas, … Read more

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ParallelDots is a startup. It helps firms to analyze and make sense of an unstructured text, for instance, in the feedback of survey forms, and determine the user sentiment or flag it as spam. Another piece helps improve the quality of blurred and hazy pictures. ParallelDots Wiki, LinkedIn, Digital Marketing Head, CMO Contact Number, email … Read more

Fabric Manufacturer in Ghaziabad, UP Contact Number, Mobile, Email id

Ghaziabad is one of the NCR city. Now a days, NCR is known for manufacturing companies. A lot of manufacturing units are installed and started in Ghaziabad in the recent years. Fabric manufacturing unit is one of them. Literally, Panipat is more famous and well known for all types of fabric manufacturing. Blankets, Quilts, Bedsheet, … Read more

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Telecommunication have become essential in our lives and modern era of technology. A lot of scope is involved in telecommunication. From manufacturing to infrastructure services are included in it. We have listed the best telecommunication companies in Lucknow with contact number, mobile number, email id and address. Telecommunication Companies in Lucknow 1. Pramod Telecom Private … Read more